I just wanted to tell you how much our group loved and appreciated the sacred, healing space you have created at The Momma Yurt. We could feel the loving embrace and it nurtured and fed us in a way that we haven't found at other centers.
We have gathered for over 25 years and I heard several comments that this was the most intimate and healing retreat we've had. As professional practitioners we are always on call to do our healing work, and we don't get to spend a lot of time together bonding and nurturing ourselves. The intimate setting at The Momma is conducive to bonding and community which we need.   -RB
The yurt was so so so sweet indeed...
All the women transformed into so much beauty and openness in just a few hours...very touching.
This sacred place was the perfect space for this retreat.
I would love to hold all my one day retreats at your space.
-Jutta Maria Hecht
Ayurvedic Holistic Spiritual Practitioner

This is my very favorite place to host intimate events, and I've hosted retreats all over the US, in Canada, Costa Rica, and Spain.No one curates a space like Heather and her staff. Every detail feels sacred. Parking and finding the location are easy.

The kitchen and bathrooms are super clean and well equipped. I've guided over 40 women through deep and beautiful experiences at the Momma since 2016. It's seriously the best and all of my clients love it, too.

-Elizabeth DiAlto


Beautiful, secluded, safe space.

We have held day-long workshops for cancer survivors in the yurt, and the setting provides a quiet place away from it all to do some deep healing work.

Heather and her staff are accommodating to all requests.

I would definitely recommend the Momma Yurt

for intimate gatherings.

-Shaney Jo Darden

In the meantime the Mama to our Mama Yurt, Heather Lindemenn,

will be facilitating events to support our community online.

Please visit https://www.heatherlindemenn.com/workshops/ 

to view the current online schedule of events.

Many Blessings!
Team Momma Yurt