About The Momma Yurt

"There is a palpable

presence of LOVE here…


I always feel like I’m being

given a great big HUG

from The Momma!"

                                                      -Heather Lindemenn

The Momma Yurt, located in a serene valley in Vista, California, is built on the private property of owners, Heather and Jim Lindemenn. The Momma Yurt was built out of the deep necessity for a sacred sanctuary gathering space here in North County San Diego.


















The private property is just 20 minutes from Encinitas and 45 minutes from downtown San Diego, and there are plenty of accommodations surrounding the area.


The yurt itself is a 27-foot round structure that is equipped with heating and air conditioning and 2 private restrooms. It is surrounded by lush landscaping, serene decor, a beautiful orange tree and a flowing fountain. The land is buzzing with life as it is constantly filled with visitations from hummingbirds, hawks our resident squirrel and butterflies.



The yurt can accommodate up to 20 participants comfortably with room for individual yoga mats. Or up to 30 participants if the program is more of a workshop style with individual chairs.




Rental of the Momma Yurt Includes:

  • 2 Individual Restrooms

  • Outdoor food and beverage serving area

  • Outdoor dining area

  • Filtered Drinking Water

  • 25 patted back jacks

  • 30 Comfortable Chairs

  • Assorted Pillows

  • Yoga Mats

  • 15 bolsters

  • Mexican Blankets

  • Tissue boxes 

  • Tea lights

  • Flowers for Altar, kitchen, and restrooms

  • Private onsite parking for up to 10 vehicles

  • Outdoor Lighting

  • Wi-Fi

  • 2 AC/Heating Units

  • Bose Audio Sound System

  • Large Ceiling Fan

  • Window Curtains for added privacy







In the meantime the Mama to our Mama Yurt, Heather Lindemenn,

will be facilitating events to support our community online.

Please visit https://www.heatherlindemenn.com/workshops/ 

to view the current online schedule of events.

Many Blessings!
Team Momma Yurt